The moniker PhantomLibrarian originated in a long ago conversation with a colleague about the disconnections systems librarians experience. We’re outsiders to the IT staff, outsiders to the library staff. Frequently forgotten when someone sends out invitations to come eat cake. Overlooked when meetings are called to discuss issues that affect “all the librarians.” We are the Phantom Librarians – behind the scenes affecting everything you do, even when you forget we’re here!

Who Am I?

I have been working in the library world since 1989 (if we’re allowed to count student worker jobs towards our seniority – to help establish my bona fides I will reveal that I was the only student worker at my first library job allowed to pull the pin and file catalog cards without having my work reviewed). I have worked full time in library automation since 1995. First at Geac (now Infor) as a trainer, support rep, exhibit builder and demo jockey. Then as a Systems and Technical Services Librarian at the New England College of Optometry and currently as Manager of Library Systems at Brandeis University.

Why Am I Here?

This is a personal blog. Nothing I post here should be construed as the opinion of my past, current or future employers. I am opinionated and like to express myself.

Where Else Do I Appear?

I have also blogged at the not-very-creatively-named LibSys Blog.

My (usually not library related, occasionally profane) Tweets can be found here: https://twitter.com/BossyTLady

My LinkedIn profile is pretty dull but you can view it here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tania-hewes-fersenheim-b8899a

I signed up for Ello and Google+ but we all know why I’m not posting links.

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