Woot Off, Y’all!

Today is my first Woot Off.  My first Woot purchase was only a few months ago, not long before they were acquired by Amazon, so this is my first opportunity to participate in a Woot Off.

So far I’ve passed up:

  • A kitchen torch Tempting, but I hate creme brulee, and not sure what else I could use it for.  I do enjoy setting things on fire, but I’ve also seen a Chopped contestant criticized for imparting a petroleum flavor to his food via a kitchen torch.  End result – no torch for me.
  • Pod-casting equipment The Marmot King and I briefly considered opening our own pirate radio station a la “Pump Up the Volume.”
  • Fancy pocket knives They might have come in handy defending our pirate radio station against the FCC

I’m really hoping a Bag of Crap comes up, but I’m not sure if those appear as regular Woots or in a Woot Off.  All I know is that if a Bag of Crap comes up, I gotta get me some o’ that.

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